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Intergraph Corporate Headquarters

Huntsville, Alabama

Controlling Costs and Anticipating Changes for High-Tech Headquarters

Although Intergraph is responsible for cutting-edge technology in its products, its former headquarters — on a sprawling campus, with few windows — hardly reflected the company’s modern mission. When Intergraph was acquired by a Swedish company in 2010, one the new chairman’s first acts was to request a new headquarters worthy of the brilliant minds at work there. HPM served as the owner’s representative in an international effort to build a spectacular new glass and concrete facility with open workspaces, a state-of-the-art data center and high-tech collaborative space — constructed with the highest quality and the most diligent budget management.

Fluent in Budget Management

HPM knew that one of its main responsibilities throughout the construction of Intergraph’s headquarters would be to keep a close eye on the budget and any changes that arose. Between the high-tech demands of Intergraph’s work and the high demands for employee comfort laid out by Intergraph’s new owner, there would be plenty of opportunities for costs to get out of hand. This started at the earliest stages of the project, examining contractors’ bids and anticipating where money might be left on the table and what change orders might be seen. During construction, the Swedish chairman, who initiated the project, took multiple trips to the U.S. and had significant and specific input into many aspects of the design. HPM’s knowledge of the industry allowed the team to give Intergraph the slick, high-performance facility it needed and wanted within the budget it had available.

Project Details

240,000-square-foot corporate headquareters
5-story office building
Space for 1,100 employees
Administrative and office space
Data center
Conference and collaborative space
Food service area


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