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Royal Cup Coffee

Birmingham, Alabama

Improving Facilities While Maintaining Seamless Production

The expansion and improvement of Royal Cup Coffee’s manufacturing facilities consist of multiple scopes of work including a new green bean receiving building, expansions to an existing manufacturing building, the addition of new roasting equipment, expansion of the existing warehouse and renovations to facilities for Safe Quality Foods (SQF) standards.

The project involves process design, building design, construction, procurement and installation of all equipment and equipment start-up.

Project features and unique conditions include:
• Production capacity increase
• Employee safety
• Food safety and quality
• Finished goods storage capacity
• Operational segregation
• Continuous, “no-hands” conveyor production system

Building on the Legacy of Royal Cup's Rich Heritage

Growing strong for more than a century, Royal Cup Coffee and Tea has developed from its small, hometown roots to become a major importer, roaster and distributor of the world’s finest specialty and premium coffees and teas. Royal Cup’s reach extends throughout the US, Mexico and the Caribbean, serving customers in the food service, hospitality, office and specialty coffee markets. Sharing a similar starting point, HPM is proud to keep this tradition strong building on our client’s long-standing reputation as a quality roaster and distributor coupled with the latest innovations and expansions. Time is the ultimate test for any company, and since 1896, Royal Cup has been perfecting its craft. We are proud to serve alongside Royal Cup, which continues as a privately held, family company -- offering dedicated service with a unique personal touch to each and every customer. At HPM, sometimes our best lessons learned are served up from our very own clients.

Project Details

$48 million project
65,000 square feet
Multiple buildings and building additions
Computer systems upgrades and integration


Royal Cup Coffee
Kevin Boughner
VP of Operations


HPM Services

Process Design
Building Design
Equipment Installation