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Negro Southern League Baseball Museum

Birmingham, Alabama

Modern-Day Value Engineering for a Museum of Historical Athletic Achievement

Established in 1920 by a group of African-American businessmen, the Negro Southern League brought prominence to African-American baseball players throughout the South and contributed to the eventual movement of players into the major leagues. A museum honoring the league, long in the works, became a priority with the construction of Birmingham’s new baseball stadium. HPM represented the owner throughout the project, guiding budget development and keeping construction on track to bring this long-awaited museum into the Birmingham community.

Designing a Major League Museum with a Farm Team Budget

Original plans for the Negro League Museum were as grand as befitted the history it celebrated. The budget, however, funded largely by the city, was less than grand. HPM worked with the design team, helping change the design to provide comparable facilities at a lower cost. Ultimately, a $5 million project was adapted for delivery at $2.5 million, with plans for future expansion as the space becomes available. With value engineering from the earliest stages, HPM was able to cut costs without cutting corners, giving visitors the highest quality of venue to celebrate the history of the league.

Project Details

$2.5 million project
15,750 square feet
8,700 square feet of exhibits
Event space
Restaurant with terrace
Gift shop


City of Birmingham


Dorsey Architects & Associates

HPM Services

Owner Representation