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City of Birmingham

Birmingham, Alabama

Managing Many Projects, Pursuing One Goal for the City of Birmingham

When the City of Birmingham embarked on a campaign to revitalize its downtown area, they knew what they wanted to achieve — a lot. They came in with plans for projects throughout the area. And while they’d assembled capital from numerous funding sources, the actual execution of the plans was extremely complex.

- Regions Field, a minor-league baseball stadium for the Birmingham Barons, built at the edge of downtown
- The Negro League Baseball Museum, built concurrently with the stadium
- Intermodal, a few blocks away, a two-building transportation hub for local buses, taxis, regional buses, rideshare services, Amtrak trains and even Zyp bikes

The downtown revitalization wasn’t the only major effort guided by HPM for the City. While Regions Field was in the planning stage, HPM was putting the finishing touches on expansions and renovations to the Birmingham Zoo. The campaign brought animals as familiar as river otters and as exotic as African elephants into the city, as well as record-breaking crowds to enjoy the new addition.

Keeping Records, Keeping the Peace and Keeping the Project on Track

To make Birmingham’s downtown revival a true community effort, the City wanted to involve as many locally owned companies as possible. This was great for the city’s economy — and sense of local pride — but it presented a challenge for HPM as the owner’s representative. To keep everyone on the same page, HPM’s team facilitated weekly meetings bringing together nearly two dozen interested parties on the same page — architects, developers, civil engineers, representatives from the city, even the occasional visit from the mayor. We distributed meeting notes, mediated conflicts, negotiated change orders, and essentially served as the steady center of the project so that any major or minor difficulties stayed out of the collective hair of the City leaders.

Project Details

Regions Field baseball stadium for the Birmingham Barons
Negro Southern League Baseball Museum
Birmingham Zoo


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