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The Village, Auburn University

Auburn, Alabama

Serving Higher-Ed Campuses Means Thinking of Students First

The Village at Auburn University is an eight-building community of residence halls, housing more than 1,500 students in modern, comfortable suites. Throughout the considerable project, HPM served as a guide for the process and an ambassador for the owner, keeping Auburn administrators informed, representing their interests and ensuring that every aspect of design and construction suited their needs.
In addition to keeping the owner informed and happy, HPM’s team had to look out for a very important group of stakeholders—the students, who were still on campus and in the vicinity of the job site during construction. While the contractors were well accustomed to large-scale residential construction, working on an active campus is a singular experience, and extra care had to be taken. Through careful scheduling, planning, direction, signage and wayfinding and after-hours site security, HPM guided the process to a safe and successful conclusion for school administrators, students and the parents who wanted to know their students were safe on campus.

From Before the First Shovel Until After the Last Shingle

HPM’s responsibility to our clients doesn’t end when construction does. The final punch list isn’t the end. Ensuring that the owner gets what they paid for means avoiding additional repair costs due to problems in the future. That’s how HPM’s project manager ended up on the ground, examining every square inch of air barrier and water barrier before the masonry went up, and on the roof of all eight buildings, inspecting nail patterns before the shingles were installed. When HPM returned to look over the project a year later, they were met by a smiling maintenance crew. Nothing spells success better than a building with quality and durability standing the test of time.

Project Details

635,000 square-feet
8-building residential facility
1,704 beds
Bicycle storage facilities
Native vegetation areas
Recycling centers
Sustainable information centers
2009 Best Higher Education Project, South Central Construction


Auburn University


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