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Abaco Systems (Formerly GE Intelligent Platforms)

Huntsville, Alabama

Remaining the Expert Through the Life Cycle of a Facility

From 2013 to 2014, HPM assisted GE Intelligent Platforms with a 30,000-square-foot addition to an existing fabrication plant for computer memory boards. HPM was initially the program manager and ultimately was awarded the contract for move management services.

Project challenges involved relocating existing equipment and furniture from plants in Massachusetts, North Carolina and New Mexico to two different locations, including this new plant in Huntsville, Alabama. The equipment’s size, closely calibrated tolerances and various components of the relocation required several coordination meetings and visits to GE sites affected to properly sequence and schedule the activities and establish the various dates for “unit” moves, delivery processes and installation of the relocated equipment.

In 2015, Abaco Systems (formerly known as GE Intelligent Platforms) separated from GE as a stand-alone company. As a result of the relationship HPM developed with GE, Abaco Systems called upon HPM to assist from start to finish through all phases as they increase the manufacturing and lab space from 90,000 square feet to 135,000 square feet in order to accomodate approximately 150 new employees.

Creating a Lasting Relationship

During the lifespan of a company, facilities can change owners and purposes, but the constant which proves a wise investment and a seamless transition is maintaining the one who managed the design and construction of the campus from the beginning. As the owner’s representative for GE Intelligent Platforms, HPM became accustomed to the strict adherence to building facilities for the manufacturing of automation and controls technology as it relates to power generation. Then, when Abaco Systems announced its separation from GE and its focus on electronic systems for aerospace, defense and industrial applications, HPM picked up where we had left off. We already knew and understood many of the stakeholders in the company and their concerns, and the company’s campus was as familiar to us as the back of our hand. We never skipped a beat getting to work on hiring architects to redesign, repurpose and add on to the existing facilities for the new company.

Project Details

GE Intelligent Platforms:
Manufacturing facility additions
30,000 square-feet

Abaco Systems:
$27+ million project
70,000-90,000 square-foot addition with demolition
of some existing structures


General Electric/
Abaco Systems
Steve Beck
VP, Operations


HPM Services

Program Management
Move Management