Dr. Phil Hammonds

“I found HPM to be thoroughly professional and diligent in providing the needed services to see this most important project in our community come to fruition. Responsive to our requests and experienced in managing the various aspects of such a project as ours, it was evident why HPM has acquired over the years a reputation of being an industry leader.”

Dr. Phil Hammonds
Superintendent, Jefferson County Schools

HPM’s Presence Grows at Farnborough International Air Show

HPM’s Presence Grows at Farnborough International Air Show

HPM serves an ever-growing slate of interests within the aviation and aerospace industry — airlines, aircraft manufacturers, airports, maintenance-repair-overhaul (MRO) companies and space and defense firms, as well as local and state governments interested in drawing business and industry to the US. Those growing interests require a growing HPM contingent to represent them. That’s why, for the Farnborough International Airshow (FIA) this summer, Ryan Austin, Chief Operating Officer, and Greg Ellis, Vice President of Program Development, joined the delegation which has established a significant presence for HPM over the years.

L to R: Jay Daily, Andi Sims, Mike Lanier, Ryan Austin, Greg Ellis in London

Mike Lanier, President, Jay Daily, Vice President of Business Development, and Andi Sims, Director of Marketing, have attended FIA for several years and forged a reputation for HPM within the industry through participation and sponsorship of many of the airshow’s events and activities.  FIA is one of the largest airshows in the world and features more than 1,500 exhibitors across 750,000 square feet of exhibition space and attracting more than 200,000 attendees from all over the world.

But with the extensive preparation HPM goes through before such a grand-scale trade show, Greg and Ryan were ready for anything that was thrown at them. “Nothing surprised me about the way it played out, because we had met every couple of weeks leading up to the trip,” Ryan said. “I felt like we had prepared well and knew what to expect.”

What he and Greg expected, and got, was 16-hour days of client meetings, networking, events and lots of walking. “I think I averaged walking nine miles a day,” Ryan said. “In a suit.”

Greg added, “It was all worthwhile because it allowed us to better connect with clients and others in the aviation industry. We deepened a lot of the client relationships that had initially been made through Mike, Jay, and Andi.” He said, “Ryan and I had an opportunity to spend some time with those people, make more contacts for HPM, and really see how much HPM has been integrated into the airshow and the industry itself. HPM has made connections at some of the highest levels in aerospace and within organizations which help us make further contacts.”

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey speaks in the “Made in Alabama” booth at the 2018 Farnborough International Air Show

“The first year Jay went to Farnborough by himself, and he was literally walking the halls and making connections,” Ryan said. “To go from there to hosting multiple governors and CEOs at exclusive events was quite a significant development.”

“HPM has a unique perspective on the aerospace and aviation community by serving as a leader of the planning, design and construction of facilities,” said Mike. “We do this for OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), MROs, tier-one suppliers, airports, airlines, space and defense — we’re touching every sector. The airshow serves as a singular opportunity to make contact with some of HPM’s clients, including international clients whom we rarely see face to face.”

Also important for HPM is helping represent Alabama’s cities, counties and the State of Alabama by attracting business and industry to our communities. “Being on that front end, being able to provide real-time estimates and schedules for facilities that will be producing aircraft and materials, it’s important that we’re there to help them in the recruiting process,” Mike said.

Mike Lanier speaks at the Alabama Department of Commerce kick-off breakfast hosted by HPM

“We go to support our current clients — some of which are local and state governments,” Mike said. “We go to make those personal touches, we check in to make sure their projects are moving forward, and we look for further opportunities to tell our story.”

Mike Lanier

Ryan Austin
Chief Operations Officer

Jay Daily
Vice President, Business Development

Greg Ellis
Vice President, Program Development

Andi Sims
Director of Marketing